Malia's School of Dance


Robin Schmoldt - UW Mini Courses:
“[Malia] has taught a vast array of Ballroom and Latin Dance courses for this [the Wisconsin Union Mini Course] program since 1997. During this time I have been her immediate Supervisor/Program Planner. Malia’s performance has always been excellent! . . .

Participant evaluations. . .confirm the success of her instruction, her enthusiasm for the subject matter, her outgoing and friendly personality, and her ability to create an environment conducive to learning. This is easily evidenced by the number of ‘repeat performers’ -- participants who returned to Mini Courses time and time again, specifically for additional classes she offered.”

Jim and Susan - Private Instruction:
“Malia is a wonderful dance instructor. She doesn’t just teach you to dance, she infects you with her energy and the joy she takes in dancing. You come out of her lessons itching to go out and keep on dancing.”

Bill and Beth - Private Instruction:
“Malia makes learning the dances easy and her energy and enthusiasm make lessons a lot of fun. Before our second lesson, I [Bill] was afraid she would reprimand us, like my childhood piano teacher, for not having practiced or for forgetting something we had learned. Instead, when we forget a pattern, she patiently reviews it, and when we get something right, she bubbles over.”

black and white old-fashioned ballroom dancers