Malia's School of Dance

About Malia

Malia began studying ballroom and Latin dance in 1985. One year later she achieved certification from the World Professional Dance Teachers Association and earned the Dance Specialist Award.  She is recognized as an instructor for the Nicolet College Community Education program in northern Wisconsin.

Not only has she performed on TV and on stage for numerous functions, but moreover, she has had practical experience teaching people from ages 6 to 86. With her talent, ability, high energy level and enthusiastic interest in social dancing, Malia's goal is to generate social confidence for everyone through the FUN sport of dancing! As a friend of hers wrote: “I am sure Malia is so happy to convey her passion to the people who are interested in what she is teaching.”

Dance With Me

And as we dance
And as we dream
O Lord I beg of you
Just this one thing.
Won't you dance with me
Throughout the heavens
And below the seas,
And up on the mountaintops
Blow with the breeze
Come carry me,
Lord won't you dance with me.